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Recent Publications

  1. B. R. Bakshi, T. G. Gutowski, D. P. Sekulic, Claiming Sustainability: Requirements and Challenges, ACS Sustainable Chemistry and Engineering, accepted, 2018

  2. F. Saladini, V. Gopalakrishnan, S. Bastianoni, B. R. Bakshi, Synergies Between Industry and Nature – An Emergy Evaluation of a Biodiesel Production System Integrated with Ecological Systems, Ecosystem Services, accepted, 2018

  3. X.Liu, S. Singh, E. L. Gibbemeyer, B. E. Tam, R. A. Urban, B. R. Bakshi, The Carbon-Nitrogen Nexus of Transportation Fuels, Journal of Cleaner Production, 180, 790-803, 2018

  4. V. Gopalakrishnan, and B. R. Bakshi, Ecosystems as Unit Operations for Local Techno-Ecological Synergy: Integrated Process Design with Treatment Wetlands, AIChE Journal, accepted, 2018

  5. T. Ghosh and B. R. Bakshi, Process to Planet approach to Sustainable Process Design: Multiple Objectives and Byproducts, Theoretical Foundations of Chemical Engineering, 51, 6, 936-948, 2017

  6. X. Liu and B. R. Bakshi, Ecosystem Services in Life Cycle Assessment while Encouraging Techno-Ecological Synergies, Journal of Industrial Ecology, accepted, 2017

  7. S. B. Jadhao, A. B. Pandit, and B. R. Bakshi, The Evolving Metabolism of a Developing Economy: India's Exergy Flows over Four Decades, Applied Energy, 206, 851-857, 2017

  8. V. Gopalakrishnan, and B. R. Bakshi, Biosolids Management with Net-Zero CO2 Emissions: A Techno-Ecological Synergy Design, Clean Technologies and Environmental Policy, 19, 8, 2099-2111, 2017

  9. R. J. Hanes, V. Gopalakrishnan, and B. R. Bakshi, Synergies and trade-offs in renewable energy landscapes: Balancing energy production with economics and ecosystem services, Applied Energy, 199, 25-44, 2017

  10. A. Ramaswami, D. Boyer, A. Nagpure, A. Fang, S. Bogra, B. Bakshi, E. Cohen. and A. Rao-Ghorpade, An urban systems framework to assess the trans-boundary food-energy-water nexus: implementation in Delhi, India, Environmental Research Letters, 12, 025008, 2017